Dreams Become Reality in Mesmerizing Trailer for Netflix’s Oscar-Nominated On Body and Soul


On Body and Soul is one of the 90th Academy Awards’ nominees for best foreign-language film and the Netflix-distributed film’s first trailer is mesmerizing. The Hungarian film tells the story of two socially awkward co-workers who share the same dream in which they are both deer. In the dream, they fall in love, so they try to make it work in real life, but things in the real world are much more complicated. The film made its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival last February, sweeping the major awards, including Best Film.

On Body and Soul’s genre clearly looks to fall within the romance category, but with some slightly humorous undertones and plenty of awkwardness. Critics at the Berlin International Film Festival called On Body and Soul “an idiosyncratic love story full of lyricism and humour, free of all social conventions,” adding, “It impresses us with the subtlety and eloquence of its style and involves us in its joy of living and loving.”

On Body and Soul is available to stream on Netflix now, so make sure to catch it before the Oscars on March 4.


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